Free Online Football Games


Free Online Football Games

Free online games are a growing phenomenon. This exponential development is due to the increasingly massive use of computers and other electronic devices such as smarthpone and tablets that can play any kind of game on the screen.

In addition to board games such as cards or puzzles there are numerous games and sports practiced in reality that have been played to be used on the computer for free. It is the case of soccer games that have seen their birth almost at the dawn of computers and are now also available on a net at no cost.

The passion for football has spread so also in the virtual world by going to produce many video games for many years.

The story of football games tells that at the beginning there was arcade soccer, published in 1973, which played a playground with only two subjects: a football player and a goalkeeper represented by two rackets as in a tennis match.

Subsequently, in the 80s and 90s, the first real football simulation games were created, especially in management.

It is from the 90’s that the FIFA International Soccer have become famous until today, when they can faithfully reproduce every detail of football played with excellent graphics research.


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Play Real Football online

Among the free online games there are many versions dedicated to football, including Real Foosball online.

The game takes place in a soccer field with slides and balls. If you do not have a kickball and friends to challenge the solution is simple: just go to the page above highlighted and the game is done. It is thus possible to become samples with the touch of the keyboard. The teams that you can choose are those in the English league, the Premier League and with the arrows on the right and sininstra you can move the slides to hit the ball. The spin rotation occurs automatically when they are in contact with the ball.

The goal is obviously to score more goals for the opponent.

Matches last for 2 minutes and you can choose the preferred form to place the 3-4-2 or 4-3-2 depending on how the balls are placed on the ball soccer field.

Play Soccer 2 D

Among the free online games there are some that remain faithful to the old graphics of the first computers refusing the progress made in recent years. This is the case for Soccer 2d, a game for 2d graphics lovers with flat images on the screen without pretending to mimic reality.

If along with the passion for the 2d graphics you are also a football fan this is the game for you. Available for free on the news page above highlighted.

Once the game is started, there are not many options to choose from: you can choose the number of players for each team, your own and the one you control your computer.

It ranges from a minimum of one player to a maximum of four. Another choice is the number of goals that must be scored to win the game and win the trophy. To select a player you need to place over the mouse and to hit the ball you need to click the left mouse button. Whether you’re playing this on your tablet or smartphone as a mobile slots, be sure that’s gone into the design.


Gravity football 2

Gravity football 2 is the new edition of the classic free online football games. It is a very special game because it does not represent football players with the classic team jacket and even the green soccer field in the grass. The playing field is a kind of pinball machine in which two magnets are caught that must draw the ball and then push it to the opposing goal. The door is represented by a series of waves that are crossed to achieve the goal.

The choice of teams is on the main European teams in 2017 with which it is possible to play in a cup with qualifying rounds and subsequent final elimination stages.

There are three levels of difficulty, the last one, the hardest one to face the opposing team alone against two magnet players.

The magnets struggle with each other to win the ball and attract it to themselves by pushing and bumping one against the other. Once the ball is conquered it must be thrown to the opposing goal to score.


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