Why You Must Supports Women’s Football

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Why You Must Supports Women’s Football

This summer we visited a thrilling adventure that was 2017 UEFA Women’s Championship in Netherlands. It was everything what we expected and more.

This was a trip we were very much looking forward to. Not because we wanted to support our teams but everyone who traveled also agreed that men’s football has changed

So, that’s reason number one. The other two reasons we discussed did concern the fans themselves. We must better, too.

Way to the roots of football (soccer)

pele godlen generation

If you’re 25 or older, you may remember the golden age of football. It wasn’t about Ferrari’s or fancy haircuts. People loved football and played because of loyalty.

That’s what Women’s football is about. There’s very little stardom in playing or millions to be earned. They really want to play for their teams.

And as fans, we loved that, don’t we? Seeing the burning desire is the players’ eyes is much better than hearing about some spoiled 60,000 per week forward refusing to play because of a trivial blister.

Don’t believe us? Click on this post and you will see that men’s football gets all the attention even when it’s the virtual games we talk about.

Better Fans

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I am sorry to say this but even fans seem to be different at Women’s football. In any other sports they are entitled and spoiled. You may say there is a justified reason – season tickets are ridiculously expensive (especially in Men’s football).

Even if that’s the case, it’s just another reason to support the ladies. There is much less racism, even sexism is not a prominent problem. And tickets cost a fraction of what prices are to the men’s games.

Fierce Competition

bert trauman

If you don’t know the name Bert Trautmann – Google it.

He was a German keeper for Manchester City that first came to UK as a prisoner of war. He died in 2013 at the age of 89. In 1956 FA Cup final he collided with an opponent and broke several vertebrae. Instead, he continued on. He. Continued. On.

These were the days. And I am sorry to sound like an old grandpa, but have you seen football players lately? Technology allows recording every players from 4 different angles. Shouldn’t that decrease the amount of fake injuries. On the contrary, today’s goal in football is to trick the referee, not the opponent.

But not in Women‘s football. The players are as fierce as tigresses and they play to win. Of course, there are exceptions but at least that’s the impression we got from the Championship and any other league game we see.


There is a lot of room for the game to grow. In terms of attendances as well as access through TV or the internet. Women’s football needs the support from fans to show that they are no worse than men. And they aren’t.


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